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Legionella Management Plan Development

Testing & management plans for Wisconsin healthcare, education, & hospitality facilities

Our legionella management plans are designed to ensure the safety and quality of water in your facility. It begins with a collaborative process involving:

      • Establishing a dedicated Water Management Program Team
      • Documenting water systems and flow diagrams
      • Analyzing building water systems for potential risks
      • Identifying control locations and implementing measures
      • Setting control limits and monitoring parameters
      • Developing corrective actions and verification procedures
      • Maintaining thorough documentation and recordkeeping practices

Throughout the process, our team provides guidance and support to ensure the effectiveness of your Water Management Program and the safety of your facility’s water systems. If a positive sample is found, we will identify control points and implement a plan for treatment.

Legionella management plan tailored to your needs

As a CDC Elite water testing laboratory and HC Info WMP & Sampling Partner, U.S. Water provides a diverse assortment of facilities throughout the state of Wisconsin with the most comprehensive Legionella management plans, testing, and sampling methods available.

We build a legally defensible water management plan that fits the needs of your facility. Using top-of-the-line equipment, we go the extra mile to keep your visitors and employees safe.

Strategic partnerships

We work with HC Info to build your water management plans around these standards to reduce legal risk and help protect your facility’s reputation. Partner with U.S. Water for comprehensive Legionella remediation services and customized water management solutions tailored to your facility’s needs.

Did you know?

About one in 10 people who gets sick from Legionnaires’ disease will die from the disease.

U.S. Water, LLC maintains the only privately-held, on-site CDC ELITE Certified Water Testing Lab in Wisconsin. We can help your organization meet CMS & ASHRAE Standard 188 for Legionella prevention through testing & management.

Comprehensive Legionella Management & Water Testing Plans

Meet both CMS requirements & ASHRAE Standard 188 for reducing the risk of Legionella at your facility.

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