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Wisconsin legionella testing lab

CDC Elite Certified Legionella Testing

U.S. Water maintains the only privately-held, on-site CDC ELITE Certified Water Testing Lab in Wisconsin. 

To better fit your facility’s needs, we offer two different testing methods: CDC Culture and Bacterial Enzyme (Legiolert) Legionella Tests. If your water sample tests positive, we can then conduct a Slide Agglutination Test (SAT). This allows us to speciate your results, identify the specific strain of Legionella, and promptly notify your organization’s point-of-contact on how dangerous it is.

Legionella Sampling

As a HC Info Sampling Partner, we have access to the latest training techniques for Legionella sampling. This allows us to focus in on the most effective locations to draw samples, such as hot water systems, fountains, and showers, and ensures that you are put on the most cost effective sampling method possible. 

CDC Elite Certified Water Testing Lab On-Site

U.S. Water is an HC Info WMP and Sampling partner. We have the tech, tools, & expertise to provide professional Legionella testing & management plans to facilities of any size.

U.S. Water, LLC is central Wisconsin’s ONLY water treatment center complete with an in-house, CDC Elite laboratory. Our knowledgeable staff stays up to date on the latest guidelines and standards so you can get the best service possible.

With our lab work & water testing performed in-house, you’ll get your certified results quickly and securely. Fast water test results you can rely on. U.S. Water Labs is state-certified by the WDNR and WDATCP and we are a CDC Elite Legionella testing laboratory. Many types of water testing through U.S. Water are completed on the same day or within 24-hours, excluding weekends & holidays. 

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Did you know?

The bacterium L. pneumophila was first identified in 1977, as the cause of an outbreak of severe pneumonia in a convention center in the USA in 1976.

Why Choose U.S. Water?

If you’re a facility in Wisconsin that is looking for Legionella Water Management Plans, Testing, or Sampling, our location can’t be beat! Our headquarters is in Weston, right near the center of the state. That means we can provide you with fast, around-the-clock service.

Strict Chain-Of-Custody

Your legionella samples go directly from our expert team to our state-certified lab. No stops in between. This gives you peace of mind and ensures that your facilities’ legionella test results are accurate. 

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