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Comprehensive Legionella Management Plans

Legionella Management Plans for Wisconsin Healthcare, Education, & Hospitality Facilities

Our Legionella management plans are designed to be both thorough and dependable. We start by conducting a detailed site survey to identify any areas of concern within your water system. 

From there, we develop a personalized water management program tailored specifically to your requirements. This includes a sampling plan to ensure validation. If a sample does come back positive, we quickly pinpoint control points and implement a targeted treatment plan.

Water Testing & Management Services Offered

CDC Elite Certified Legionella Testing: We offer two distinct testing methods: CDC Culture and Bacterial Enzyme (Legiolert) Legionella Tests. In case of a positive result, our Slide Agglutination Test (SAT) allows us to specify the Legionella strain promptly, ensuring quick notification to your organization’s point-of-contact regarding its severity.

Legionella Sampling: As an HC Info Sampling Partner, our specialized training enables us to pinpoint the most effective sampling locations, such as hot water systems, fountains, and showers, ensuring cost-effective yet comprehensive sampling.

Why Choose U.S. Water for Your Legionella Testing & Water Management?

Expert Water Testing Lab Team: U.S. Water, LLC houses central Wisconsin’s sole water treatment center with an in-house, CDC Elite laboratory. Our proficient staff remains abreast of the latest guidelines and standards, guaranteeing top-tier service.

Strict Chain-of-Custody: Your legionella samples undergo direct transfer from our skilled team to our state-certified lab, ensuring accurate and reliable results, leaving no room for doubt. Tailored Legionella Management Plan: We construct a legally defensible water management plan tailored precisely to your facility’s requirements, employing cutting-edge equipment to ensure visitor and employee safety. Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with HC Info, we align your water management plans to mitigate legal risks and fortify your brand’s protection.
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Did you know?

The most common form of transmission of Legionella is inhalation of contaminated aerosols produced in conjunction with water sprays, jets or mists of contaminated water sources. Infection can also occur by aspiration of contaminated water or ice, particularly in susceptible hospital patients.

At U.S. Water, safeguarding your facilities against Legionella is our priority. As a CDC Elite water testing laboratory and HC Info WMP & Sampling Partner, we cater to diverse facilities across Wisconsin with the most robust Legionella management plans, testing, and sampling methods available.

Strategic Location: Strategically situated in the heart of Wisconsin, our headquarters ensure swift, round-the-clock service for facilities in need of Legionella Water Management Plans, Testing, or Sampling.

What is Legionella?