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Legionella Prevention for Healthcare Facilities

Comprehensive Legionella Risk management for hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics

In today’s healthcare landscape, healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics, need Legionella prevention plans. U.S. Water is your trusted partner in ensuring safe and clean water for healthcare environments. Our ASSE 12080-certified experts specialize in Legionella testing and comprehensive water management strategies tailored to the unique needs of healthcare settings.

Water Treatment for Healthcare, Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical Facility Management

At U.S. Water, we understand the critical importance of Legionella prevention in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.

We take a multi-stage approach to Legionella management, which includes

        • A healthcare facility audit and risk assessment
        • Legionella water testing
        • A tailored water management plans
        • Remediation
        • Ongoing testing and consultation

Healthcare Facility Audit and Risk Assessment

Water Distribution Systems: Legionella can proliferate in the water distribution systems of hospitals. Stagnant water or biofilm buildup in these areas provides an ideal environment for Legionella growth.

High-risk systems include:

    • Plumbing: Pipes, faucets, showers, and other plumbing fixtures.
    • Hot Water Tanks and Heaters: Warm water tanks and heaters are potential breeding grounds for Legionella. If the water temperature is not properly maintained (below 20°C or above 60°C), the bacteria can multiply.
    • Air Conditioning Units: If these units are not adequately maintained, Legionella can spread through air conditioning systems.
    • Therapeutic Hot Tubs and Whirlpools: These warm water environments can support Legionella growth if proper disinfection measures are not followed.
    • Renovation and Construction Areas: Changes within a system can often introduce new vulnerabilities. Vibrations and changes in water pressure during construction or renovation work can dislodge biofilm in pipes. Disruptions in municipal water supply due to water main breaks can introduce dirt and other materials into the water. Changes in municipal water quality (such as changes in disinfectant levels, turbidity, or pH) can impact the risk of Legionella transmission.

Legionella Water Testing for Healthcare

Initial sampling is performed onsite by a trained water technician.

We offer two types of testing – CDC Culture and Bacterial Enzyme (Legiolert) Legionella Tests. Testing is performed in our state-certified onsite water testing laboratory.

Water Management Programs for Legionella Prevention

Our healthcare water management experts help facilities develop and implement effective water management programs, ensuring legal compliance and risk management. We will coach you through the process of risk identification and development of an assessment schedule for consistent and precise water quality monitoring. In addition, we can provide guidance and the required documentation.

Legionella Remediation

Our water treatment team can provide disinfection of the premises using chlorine injection to remove biofilms.

We offer ASHRAE 188 and 514-compliant products, and secondary disinfection with chlorine dioxide.


Ongoing Legionella Testing and Consultation

Follow-up testing can be performed by our team, or our technician can train facility staff in the correct protocol for collecting the sample for testing.

Water Treatment Certifications

U.S. Water maintains important certifications such as ASSE 12080 to stay current with the latest regulations and technological developments.

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